Monday, April 20, 2020

Prayer Requests during Covid19 church at home

Hey CrossRoads Family,

 Other than the obvious weekly gathering of our church family, one of things that I miss the most during our time apart is the opportunity to pray with and for each other. Typically every Sunday morning we gather the prayers and offer them to our Heavenly Father together as a family as well as share them midweek in email form so that we can continue to pray with and for each other. I'm not sure that I'm clever enough to figure out how to do that same thing exactly that same way every week but I would like to offer a way that we can keep praying for specific needs within our church family.

So here is what I suggest:

If you have a prayer request that you are comfortable being shared with the whole world via our live stream just reply to this message or email me directly at and I will share it in our prayer time during our live stream service on Sunday. Simple, right? If there are any requests for prayer that are more private or that you don't want sent out to the whole world but that our church family could be praying for, you can just hit "reply all" on this email and we can all be praying as a smaller group. Again, you can always email me directly or call me, I'd be happy to pray with you!

We love you and miss you all,