Learning Together

 Quick Links for learning the New City Catechism together as a church:

The New City Catechism Devotional: Paperback Book 

The New City Catechism App:  Android | Apple

This app has almost every element we’ll be using. The questions and answers are in a flashcard format. It has the verse for the week, the devotional, a prayer, and on the “kids mode” side, it has the kids version of the answer and the songs they are singing and learning.

Videos of Modern Commentary for each Question and Answer

Songs - Playlist On Youtube 

Songs - Downloadable:





On Sundays, we will read the question and answer together during the church service. After the final songs, the kids will go downstairs to Sunday School and we encourage people upstairs to visit with each other and talk about what they are learning. The kids will be going through a curriculum that mainly introduces and teaches the questions for the following week. Sometime during the week, you can read the weekly devotional for the new question and answer. It includes a historic commentary and modern commentary selection.