Live Stream and Saved Sermon Videos:

We livestream our service on Sunday mornings after the prayer time. This will vary, but it could go live around 9:50am. You can watch it on Facebook where you can see comments and participate. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can still view the videos as they are posted on a public page. 

Sermon Notes:

If you would like to reference the sermon notes, they are available here, on our blog (under the tab, Blog Posts). We also embed the matching sermon video after it is saved. Click here to sign up to receive automated emails with any new content from our website blog, including weekly sermon notes. 

Sermons Audio Recordings:

You can use our sermon audio player below, or open it in a new page (where you can take notes and reference scripture) by clicking here. You can also find the sermons on iTunes: or your favorite podcast player (search for "Heath Keniston" for best results).